Chalk Skinned Knapped Flint 2 – 4″ and 3 – 5″

Chalk Skinned Knapped Flint 2 – 4″ and 3 – 5″

Individually knapped flints for traditional walls or panels, Wraxalls Knapped Flint has a dark face with a white chalk skin. It is often possible to produce different qualities and sized to match existing work and Wraxalls also provide whole unknapped chalk flints. This is a responsibly sourced material.

Gallets (small flint shards used in walling) are also available.

Used for

Walling and building

See also: Paramoudra (large ornamental flint formations) and Random Chalk Flints.

Team with: Cornish Granite Chippings, Wraxalls South Coast Cobbles, Wraxalls Blue-Grey Slate Chippings.

To help you estimate how much Flint you will need to cover the required area, please use our Quantity Calculator.


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Knapped flint is available in one ton bulk bags. Wraxalls bulk bags contain a full ton. Nationwide delivery.