10 – 20mm Grey Granite Chippings

10 – 20mm Grey Granite Chippings

A very durable material for borders, pathways and driveways. Granite stands up well to the worst the British weather can throw at it and still keep its appearance. Classic silver grey colour with a hint of sparkle. Naturally angular. Silver-grey when dry, appears darker grey with black highlights when wet. This material is easy to lay for modern, low-maintenance landscaping and compacts well under foot or motor traffic. Perfect for mulching borders to show off planting and restrict weed growth.

Useful for




Decorative applications

Mulching to restrict weed growth

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Team with: Wraxalls Scottish Cobbles, Wraxalls Ironstone Cobbles

Safe for fish. Wash product before using with fish.

To help you estimate how much shingle you will need to cover the required area, please use our Quantity Calculator . The calculator is intended as a rough guide. The depth needed will depend on the size of gravel or shingle and what it is used for.


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