14 – 20mm Scottish Gravel

14 – 20mm Scottish Gravel

Beautiful soft colours, a mix of grey, pink, cream, and brown. Colour intensifies when wet. These pebbles are sourced from ancient Scottish glacial deposits and are well-rounded by water action.

Ideal for landscaping and garden projects. Scottish pebbles are a fantastic base for low-maintenance outside spaces. Combine more than one size for visual depth. Scottish pebbles come in a full range of sizes from 14-20mm up to 200-300mm.



Weed control

Rock gardens

Water features

Base for alpine plants

Plant pot toppings

Interior decoration

See also Wraxalls South Coast Cobbles

Also sold with

40-80mm Scottish Cobbles

200-300mm Scottish Boulders

To help you estimate how much shingle you will need to cover the required area, please use our Quantity Calculator . The calculator is intended as a rough guide. The depth needed will depend on the size of gravel or shingle and what it is used for.


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One ton, 40kg and 25kg bags available, or can be supplied loose bulk. Kerbside delivery.