40mm Plum & Blue Slate

40mm Plum & Blue Slate

Available in traditional blue-grey or fashionable plum to provide a low-maintenance splash of colour.

Slate is naturally flat and angular in shape‚ and provides a neat finish. These slate chippings are a soft, warm purpleThis is a popular product with garden designers for its ability to make dramatic changes. The natural flat angular shape of slate gives a stylish contemporary feel and quickly transforms gardens into living spaces.

The plum colour provides an excellent contrast with green foliage in beds or containers and deepens to stunning effect when wet.

Excellent for ground cover or rockeries between grey or tawny rocks. Plum slate works well as a weed suppressant and is popular choice for mulching borders. Gives an elegant finish as an alternative to bark.

Useful for

Decorative borders


Mulching and weed control

Ponds and water features


This product is fish-friendly.

Plum Slate Chippings combine well with larger pieces of Plum Slate Rockery stone. The varied sizes add immediate texture and interest to modern low maintenance outside spaces. Blue/grey Slate chippings are also available.

Team with silver-grey Cromer Lightning in a rockery.

When used for pathways, alternatives include 10mm golden shingle, 20mm Cotswold, Pink Granite, Cornish Granite or Green basalt.

Delivery nationwide loose tipped or bagged in one tonne bags, 40 kg bags or 25 kg bags.