Chelsea Barracks Redevelopment

Project: Chelsea Barracks Redevelopment

Location: Chelsea Bridge Road, London

Main Contractor: Mace, Multiplex

Architect: Squire and Partners’, Dixon Jones Ltd, Kim Wilkie Associates

Description: Chelsea Barracks, a cultivation of the disused Army barracks situated in arguably ‘the most coveted 12.8 acres in the world’ as put by the website of the development. The superlative residential expansion combines several types of cede accommodation: Townhouses, apartments and four of the highest standard Penthouse suites.

Material Supplied: Wraxalls supplied various specialist paving slabs for all three of the accommodation areas. We sourced Limestone slabs from Portugal, which were put to use in the penthouse areas. Coinciding with Silver-Grey Granite Slabs that were sourced from southern China, utilised on both the Townhouse roof terraces and the apartment balconies. In conjunction with the slabs, we also distributed our trademark 40/20mm roofing pebbles and substrate media for green spaces. Foamglas insulation was additionally provided on demand of our customer.

In addition to the material that we provided to site; Wraxalls also presented an additional slab cutting service. Using our flexibility and intuition we set up a workspace that was dedicated to generating an end product that we were proud of.  The finished product was delivered in a timely fashion, due to the space constraints our customer faced on site. This additional service showcases Wraxalls’ ability to provide services that may, on the face of it, seem outside of our normal product area.

Timeframe: Chelsea Barracks is still an ongoing project. Phases 1, 2 and 3 are coming to a close. But the fourth is still in its infant stages, phases 5 and 6 have yet to begin. We began supplying material and services on 13/04/2017. So, to date the project has a duration of around 20 months.