Wraxalls Bio-diverse Brown Roofing Substrate Type B1

Used for roofs designed to be ‘brown’ or self-populating. Type B1 Mix can be used where diverse habitats are required. The B1 mix contains crushed brick and blended topsoil. Organic compost can be included if required.

The crushed brick is sourced from the UK, recycled from unused surplus bricks.

For a pure brown roof the substrate can be left to self-colonise, or alternatively can be sown with seed gathered from local flora. The roof can be divided to form micro-environments by varying the proportions of crushed brick, gravel and topsoil to maximise the possibility for biodiversity.

B1 Substrate is bagged in one ton bulk bags. Wraxalls jumbo bags contain a full metric ton. See also Wraxalls Semi-Intensive Green Roof Substrate Type 0+, Wraxalls Extensive Green Roof Substrate Type E1.

Wraxalls are associate members of the Green Roof Organisation, part of the National Federation of Flat Roofing Contractors, Ltd.