Extensive Green Roof Substrate Type E1







Wraxalls Extensive Green Roof Substrate E1

Wraxalls Intensive Green Roof Substrate E1 is engineered to suit larger vegetation with deeper root systems.  Intensive roofs are often regarded as ‘roof gardens’ and demand growing media with a higher nutrient content. This type of roof tends to be delivered with water irrigation systems. Wraxalls substrates can be individually tailored to take account of specific requirements.

Wraxalls Extensive Green Roof Substrate E1 is designed to support the increased need for organic content. This quality assured substrate has been engineered to take account of industry standard guidelines.

See also Wraxalls Bio-Diverse Brown Roof Substrate Type B1 and Wraxalls Seme-Intensive Substrate Type 0+.

Bagged in one ton bulk bags. Wraxalls one tone bags contain a full ton.

Wraxalls are associate members of the Green Roof Organisation, part of the National Federation of Flat Roofing Contractors, Ltd.