75-100mm Hand Selected Cobbles

75-100mm Hand Selected Cobbles

These smoothly rounded flint cobbles are responsibly sourced from sites in Kent.The material is washed and carefully graded at our modern plant to achieve a quality-assured standard. Colours are a soothing mix of blues and browns. Wraxalls supply the full range of sizes from 38-50mm up to 120mm-200mm.

Flint cobbles have a variety of landscaping purposes. The colours intensify when wet and show to advantage in water features or ponds. Flint cobbles are superb for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Bring memories of summer beaches right to your garden every day. Cobbles can also be set in concrete for pathways and courtyards.

These pebbles are suitable to for use in the construction of decorative walling and paving. Flint cobbles have been used for centuries as a traditional building material for houses, paths and walls.

Flint is an efficient drainage medium, and this size is appropriate for French drains and soakaways.


Ground cover

Decorative landscaping


Pathways and courtyards when set in concrete

Water features



This material is fish-friendly.

Delivery nationwide loose tipped or bagged in one tonne bags, 40 kg bags or 25 kg bags.

To help you estimate how much shingle you will need to cover the required area, please use our Quantity Calculator . The calculator is intended as a rough guide. The depth needed will depend on the size of gravel or shingle and what it is used for.

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