100 Liverpool Street

Project: 100 Liverpool Street

Location: Liverpool Street, Broadgate, London

Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Architect: Hopkins Architects

Description: As part of the new Broadgate development, 100 Liverpool Street hosts an extensive workspace area, coupled with social and retail spaces too. With a combined 433,000 Square feet of offices and another 20,000 Square feet of terraces, Liverpool street has the perfect combination of productive thinking areas and enjoyable social spaces.

Material Supplied: Natural stone paving slabs are the main product that we are supplying onto site. The slabs are defined as Moorland Blue Sandstone, it originates from Yorkshire. Alongside the paving slabs we are also providing a small amount of our trademark pebbles to border the roofing terraces that we are paving. Alongside this we offered an additional service, once again showing our flexibility. This was to seal the paving before it was laid on site, in order to protect the slabs from water penetration.

Timeframe: Wraxalls has begun supplying to site at Liverpool street. The first load left our site on 18/11/2019. We envisage deliveries taking place until, at earliest, the start of 2020.