Be Part of the Solution

In 2015 Thames Water launched an initiative to ensure that by 2020, an area the size of
approximately 30 football pitches (20 hectares minimum – 200,000 sqm or 3300 average
sized driveways) would be changed into beautiful green spaces used to protect London from
the very real risk of flooding. Their commitment is to reduce the amount of area
contributing to the combined sewer network they operate and hence reduce the risk of
flooding by attenuating water flowing into this network.
From a covered area of 208 hectares, they plan to identify site from roads, roofs,
hardstanding and new developments, which they can engage with stakeholders and develop
a suitable SUDs plan. An example of their approach is the Battersea development at Nine
Elms. This area is currently serviced by a combined sewer system, but with the creating of
21,000 new homes, office and retail space, the existing provision needed serious
consideration. The opportunity of removing surface water flows from the combined sewer
and allow for storm water attenuation and storage systems.
Wraxalls have been working with developers, specifiers and contractors to supply materials
which will assist the aims of Thames Water and the statutory planning requirements. Our
objective has been to think differently about attenuation and how constructible space can
accommodate these requirements.
For example, many of the roofs within these developments are designed with living roofs,
accommodating and attenuating the flow of rainwater within the system, slowing down the
surface water flow to reduce the impact of storm activity. In these instance, Wraxalls green
roof materials and pebbles have been incorporated, with the additional benefit of creating
bio-diversity within these inner city areas.
Wraxalls expertise supplying mixed load materials, of both standard and innovative
products, enabling the roof space, balconies and terraces to become part of the solution, has
become increasingly sought after and we have been fortunate enough to be involved with
many of the developments along the Thames waterfront of the last few years.
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