When are two similar invoices different?

How often do we hear the words “I can get it cheaper from XXXX company down the road”. I would imagine that these words are the opening gambit in approximately 70% of all negotiations on building materials and associated products. It is then that the sales person or account manager launches into the well worn script of value added services, are you comparing the same materials, are the units similar etc..

At Wraxalls, we believe passionately in the additional services we offer to our customers. We understand from our customers feedback that our services are not only helpful, but also essential, and that is why our customers do not compare similar invoices. They recognise that our value added service has a premium, but that premium still saves money when faced with difficult site constraints.1.1

For Example, on timed deliveries of materials already specially palletised for hoisting to the roof, we recognise that missed crane slots have a knock on effect on cost and lost production. Similarly, on windy days where crane access is impossible, our logistics partners are specifically chosen to minimise the disruption and cost. With 60 days credit for most customers (where conditions are met) we also assist our customers in managing not only their sites, but also their cash flow.

Our operations team liaise with sites, and in many instances discuss all deliveries prior to arrival, so that we understand the constraints of operating on small inner city building sites.

And with our ability to offer complete mixed load solutions, we can ensure that the exact requirement of materials are on site so that our customers can manage their production.


This is when two similar invoices become dissimilar.